Tuesday, August 24, 2010

herb butter

I love to have herb butter on hand to mix in with sauted vegetables or on cooked chicken, fish or beef. It's great in or on any kind of potatoes too.
It is just softened butter with fresh herbs mixed in. So why make ahead and freeze? Well, fresh herbs are in abundance right now just outside my back door and so why not? Also, it's great to just slice some from the freezer and not have to make it each time I want some.

I do not have a recipe. I wash and chop basil, parsley and chives then keep adding softened butter till it is a good ratio of herbs to butter. If I am making it to use right away, I add salt and pepper as well as grate in some garlic. Then I don't add salt and pepper to the dish. For the freezer batch I prefer the more basic recipe.

I then scoop it on plastic wrap and form a log. Wrap it tight and place in freezer. I just chop off a chunk as needed.

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  1. Love this idea about freezing. I do a lot of freezing of things for future use for one person like myself.
    I used to whip 1 lb margarine and 1 lb butter and warm water together, but I have forgotten the measurement of the water. It makes the spread easier but it tasted like butter. And I divided up the 2 lbs into containers for the freezer. I would love to make this with that mixture when I figure out the amount of the water.
    I also like the rest of your recipes!!
    Thank you for creating this blog!